What is epoxy and where is it applied?

Making buildings resistant to environmental effects has always been one of the most critical discussions and research topics in the construction industry. Epoxy surface coatings are used in all kinds of land and

Steel Construction

STEEL FRAME AND ROOFS: Extreme care must be taken to ensure that the steel columns are in their exact position and vertically because it is impossible to fix later. Columns erected and fastened

Structural Elements

1. Frame Elements Frames are mostly vertical load-bearing elements formed by the combination of columns and beams. They can also be used to ensure the safety of buildings with a height not exceeding

Practical Quantity Acceptances

Below are the approximate unit measurements that hit the building unit area for stacking and carcass structures, mainly based on practical calculation. MANUFACTURING GENUS STOWAGE REINFORCED CONCRETE CARCASS 1 Reinforced Concrete 0.250 m³/m²